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Our Clerks of Works can become involved at any stage of your project. Some clients need a full time presence from groundworks stage, others request a staged involvement which increases as the project progresses. Sometimes we are involved towards the end of a project to cover the intensive snagging and defects process.

Construction stage services

Inspection of materials delivered to site, including those of subcontractors for compliance with the contract documents. The client is informed in writing of any materials that do not comply.

Inspection of the works in progress, including those of subcontractors, throughout the contract period for compliance with the contract documents. The client and contractor are writing of any materials found not to comply.

Visit, as agreed with the client, the premises of the contractor, subcontractors and suppliers where components are being manufactured off site and inspect for compliance with the contract documents.

Keep records of, and mark up, drawings with the dates of installation/erection of the various elements of the structure.

Maintain records of hidden works and variations.

Check work recorded on dayworks and confirm if they are a true reflection of the resources used onsite.

Prepare and submit a weekly report on: progress against programme, labour on site, weather, note delays, defective works, general safety issues.

Maintain a diary and record the following:

    Record of progress onsite at the time of our visit
    Quality issues
    Weather conditions
    Safety issues

Witness tests as directed by the Client. Maintain a register of such tests.

Digital photographs are taken to record both progress and quality issues.

Record the following observations on field observation reports:

    Compliance with the contract documentation
    Remedial action

Record the details of any occurrence or situation likely to cause a delay to the contract and inform the Client.

Carry out inspections at completion stages, prepare schedules of defects and issue to the Client.

Provide the client with independent practical advice in relation to their project.

As each and every construction project varies we will tailor your exact requirements into our reporting system and onsite inspections.

Post construction stage services

Pre inspections to determine the repair work required. Followed by post inspections of the repair work to confirm that it has been carried out to a satisfactory standard.

Surveys of elements of completed buildings.

Inspection of thermal insulation up grades to completed buildings.

Inspection of building at the end of their defect making good period. Inspection of buildings to provide an independent view on the probable cause of a defect.